Medical Second Opinions

On behalf of our many international clients with members living abroad, Quality Health Management ("QHM") has developed a variety of customized Second Opinion Services.

There are many situations in which a second opinion is valuable. Clients should consider utilizing the second opinion program if:

  • Payer/Patient need confirmation of correct diagnosis and verification of appropriate medical care for condition
  • Patient diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to confirm the proposed treatment plan
  • Patient with serious illness that does not require immediate treatment and needs confirmation that proposed treatment plan is appropriate
  • Patient has been offered more than one treatment alternative and does not know which one to choose
  • Patient has been advised that surgery is needed and wants to confirm the treatment recommendation
  • Patient has been advised to undergo a controversial or experimental treatment
  • Patient has multiple medical problems that places them at greater risk of suffering complications as a result of surgery or other medical treatment
  • Payer/Patient requires a second opinion from specialist physicians, but does not want to incur the time and expense of travel for patient/insured.

Second Opinion Process is simple through QHM:

  • Contact QHM's Member Services at to request Medical Second Opinion either from a third party panel or you may request a specific center of excellence hospital in the United States.
  • Email or Fax Second Opinion request -include questions and patient medical records
  • QHM works with second opinion service provider and physicians to obtain the reports and assist with handling and inquiries